About Anna

It’s that single point in time where everyone stops and all eyes are on you and your custom made creation.

Everyone awaits eagerly to be served and all come together to celebrate.
Each part of that delicious design was chosen specifically for you based on your wants, needs and desires for this one special moment.
Here at Cake Worx by Anna we want to be a part of the celebration with you and guarantee a statement for you to be proud of and to share with those around.

Hi there, my name is Anna and I founded Cake Worx by Anna.
Being a qualified Pastry Chef & a Cake Decorator in Melbourne with over 10 years experience behind me, I have been lucky enough to help many people create that moment in time.
With an amazing team behind me, I am able to share my passion with as many people as possible.

Our dream and our hope is to help you create that special moment in time. Whether it’s in the cake or during a consultation or even after your event, we are here to celebrate with you the whole way through.

Our aim is to create an exceptional experience for both you the customer and all your guests, no matter how big or small the order may be. No two orders are the same and we thrive on making each and every dessert with high quality ingredients, amazing and memorable flavours and with as much love and excitement as it creates for you.

The difference is in the love with all our cakes here – so why not share the love and try one of our sweets today, we promise you’ll fall in love at first sight and then again at first bite and we ensure you’ll have YOUR moment.

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